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Or you can chat on my shop via website:
Clip guideline how to buy and download on youtube. Click here!

You can view this via google doc at this link 👉 (Click here) 👈.
This document will help you how to buy and download the production from with step by step:

How to buy and download production
Purchase and download on the website

Step register needed in my shop. You can purchase directly from this production.

You can select the item in the picture below:

Just select [PayPal Credits], [Debit or Credit Card] and buy it

Please input your paypal account information of your card to purchase it:

After that, you will enter your password to create an account
(It will help you download directly from my shop later)

Then, please click on [Place order] to purchase:

Then, you can download directly from my shop:

You also received the link download via email at this time. This email will show:

You can download directly from this email upon clicking on the download link below:

You can login again into my shop:

After that, you can download your order via [Downloads] in your account:

You can download it upon clicking on these buttons

Then you can download it again via login into my website.

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